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Constellations CD

Constellations CD


“As a child, I would spend most of my summers in the mountains. Nights, away from the city lights were so dark and quiet, and the sky was a breathtaking, dusty explosion of stars. Other children and I would lay for hours on the grass, just staring at them - and eventually keeping count of the falling stars. I couldn’t avoid noticing, what an influence that sight would have on my thoughts. It would slowly detach me from my daily reality, my thoughts would drown in that deep universe and I would find myself wondering about life, about death, about time, about dreams. That awareness and wonder accompanied me through

the years, as I grew. I wanted to create an album that would carry some of those feelings, which are a beautiful part of our human essence. They accompany us in our choices and habits, but our daily pattern somehow makes it difficult for us just to find that space, that

quietness, which allows our mind to wonder and dream. I have the feeling that we often get lost in the fuss of our busy scheduled lives.

With Constellations, I wanted to emulate the effect that the deep, starred skies have on me, and create an atmosphere that would invite people to evade their reality, just for a while. If I was able to do so, even just a little, then I am truly happy. Life is a

pretty extraordinary thing, don’t you agree?" Chiara Dubey


1. Find Time

2. The Hunt

3. Age

4. Prayer

5. Light

6. Parallel Universe 

7. Departure

8. A Quiet Place

9. Wonder

10. Microcosm

11. Aurora Borealis 

12. Souls 

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